Big Shiny 90s

Big Shiny 90s were formed from a shared love for the music of the 1990s. Stone Temple Pilots, Pearl Jam, Collective Soul, Rage Against the Machine, and Lenny Kravitz are just some of the artists that Neil, Craig, Scott, and Mike grew up listening to. Big Shiny ’90s play a collection of some of your most loved songs as well as a few you won’t believe you forgot about.

Just as the Seattle musicians that inspired them, these four have a long history of playing together and with other projects. Craig and Neil released an album with Alternate End. Neil released an album with Toronto stoner rock institution, Electric Magma. Mike also plays in Sonic. Craig and Scott are working on a follow up to the album they released with their original hard rock act, 9 Lives and Counting. The two also have previous releases with Plaid Soul and The Meltdown.