Carol C Dance

Carol C Dance Studio was founded by Carol Chan. For many years she had noticed the need for more support in the arts, and hence created the studio to cater the needs of those wanting to learn to dance.

Carol C Dance Studio emphasizes on mainly cultural expression, especially in Chinese Dance and music. Being a Canadian born Chinese, many new generations of Chinese Canadians are knowing less about the Chinese culture. Our studio aims to enrich Chinese Canadian children with the depths of our culture through the arts. We hope more children will learn to appreciate about their heritage and strive to learn more.

Whether young or old, have two left feet, have little or no dance experience, Carol C Dance Studio is all about providing anyone and everyone a wonderful place to enjoy dance. Whether you want to dance for recreation, fitness, or competitively, we offer a number of different classes to accommodate everyone. We focus on having smaller classes to allow more attention to the students. Through our classes, kids are encouraged creative thinking, leadership, coordination and confidence. More importantly, our aim is to allow your kids to meet new friends, and have long lasting relationships.

We are also involved in the Toronto and Markham community, participating in local and charitable events. We hope to provide every student a fun and positive experience through learning and performing.

Carol Chan
Artistic Director