Performers 2018

The Classy Wrecks

The Classy Wrecks are a Ska Rocksteady band from Toronto, Ontario. The band was formed in 2016 and can be described as an upbeat, fun and poppy dance band. The band has spent the last year touring Ontario playing everything from small towns to large cities. The Classy Wrecks were quick to release their first [...]

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Orangabang is an alternative rock band formed in Uxbridge, Ontario in 2013. They are known for their incredibly energetic live performances and shredding guitar solos. They have performed at Canadian Music Week, Indie Week Canada and opened for Elliott Brood at Springtide 2017. The boys have released two EPs titled ‘The Best of Orangabang’ and [...]

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A jam band like no other. They will make you feel like you’re being transcended from Motown, Roots rock n roll, New Orleans jazz to uncharted territories and back again within a few bars. Dylan to Dead, Abba to Zappa. It’s all about the song, but also about what happens in the song. Lots of [...]

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John Shisko Band

Approaching the blues, rock, and country sideways through the anamorphic lens of NYC-tinted street grime, John Shisko Band explores a wide-screen, cinematic landscape illuminating chiseled proto-punk roots rock gems. With a pianist/choir director/music teacher mother and a father who was a professional trumpeter in a previous life, John picked up the sticks at age nine. [...]

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Grass Grows Back

Grass Grows Back is a three-piece soul-rock band active in Toronto, Ontario. Originating from the Holland Marsh, the Grass has grown past their rural town boundaries and is now spreading their sound throughout the city. Jefferson, George, and Jones have been playing together for over 3 years and each member brings their own dynamics and [...]

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Hey Guys! We are FXRRVST (pronounced ‘forest’), an indie alternative duo based in Toronto. Our names are Holly Forrest and Matthew Fuentes. We met in August of 2015 and have been playing music together ever since. We strive to be a charitable and environmentally conscious band, doing all we can to give back. All our [...]

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Cheery O’s

The Cheery O's hail from Cork, Ireland and Stouffville, Ontario. Donna O'Regan and Kimberly Ann O'Connor are so excited to share Irish favourites and original tunes with you all at this brilliant event. The Cheery O's thank Epidemic Music Group for their support and for creating such amazing opportunities for musicians.

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Quincy Bullen

Quincy Bullen is an accomplished pianist, composer, producer, multi-instrumentalist (drums, bass, guitar, keys) and singer. Extraordinarily talented, with a great sense of timing, Quincy ‘wows’ audiences across Ontario and the Caribbean. His style is jazz with a funky vibe. His repertoire includes his own version of popular standards from jazz, R&B and soul as well [...]

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The Pick Brothers

Jeremiah, Gabriel and Casey Pick have built a reputation for musical excellence and superior stagecraft the old-fashioned way – by putting on a massively entertaining show and touring hard. The Pick Brothers burst out of Toronto’s Kensington Market in 2011 thanks to a slew of sold-out shows that had social networks buzzing. They caught the [...]

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Mponda Kalunga

Mponda Kalunga is not just a professional boxer in the ring but also a talented singer/song writer, born in Egypt, Alexandria. Due to his father's job as a working musician, Mponda and his family constantly moved around. He recalls as a young boy moving from Egypt to the Congo, Ethiopia, to Tanzania. Arriving in Tanzania [...]

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