Isaac Hunter Page is a Canadian musician existing and writing in two realms as two people: Isaac Page as a classical composer and conductor, and Isaac Hunter as a singer songwriter.

The songs of Isaac Hunter feature self-deprecating humour, songs of heartbreak and relationships gone wrong, and nostalgic yearning all filtered through an eclectic mix of influences. Isaac Hunter’s first EP, Four Songs, was released in August 2020, and since then he has released a second EP, Misguided Scorpio, and a standalone single. He is currently working on a third EP, re-imagining songs and other projects that Isaac created throughout high school and his early days at university.

Throughout the last year, Isaac has made appearances on various virtual concerts and podcasts. Recently, Isaac and his roommate/occasional writing partner, Evan Sokolowski, have been streaming weekly concerts from their living room on Twitch. Isaac looks forward to the day when he no longer has to perform for his camera or computer screen, and has the opportunity to
perform for a live audience where everyone can sing along when Isaac forgets his own lyrics.