LST IN HLYWD is a pop punk/rock band from the Greater Toronto Area, aging 17-20. They have the sound of today’s current pop music if you were to put electric guitars and a 5 octave range Rock N Roll singer on top of it.

Originally started by the lead singer, James Marrin, as a solo project to defeat covid boredom during the summer of 2020, it soon became a 4 piece band the following autumn and then a 5 piece March 2021. The band consists of James Marrin on vocals and rhythm guitar, Catherine Carter on the rhythm guitar and keyboard, Chris King on the drums, Calvin Thistle on the bass, and Yanko Mladenovic on lead guitar.

LST IN HLYWD has already played several online events such as Harmonic Winter (December 23 2020) and York Region Open Mic (March 13 2021).

Their main influences include: Fall Out Boy, Machine Gun Kelly, Chase Atlantic, Palaye Royale, Panic! At The Disco and Yungblud.