3 Amigas Churro

Our Churros are influenced by the beautiful countries of Brazil, Portugal, and Spain. The 3 Amigas churros have a baked pastry texture with a soft middle that can be dipped or topped by dulce de leche or nutella!

Our plan of introducing 3 Amigas Churros was showcasing them via pop up location, local markets, and summer festivals. However, due to Covid-19, our first two festivals were cancelled. As time progressed the reality started to settle in, and we have come to the realization that 2020 may not have any events we can sell our delicious Churros at.

We are now very excited to announce that we will not let this time slow us down but rather we will now offer DELIVERY!

If you order with 3 Amiga Churros you will receive the following for $36.00:

-12 Frozen Churros
-2 containers of Cinnamon Sugar Mix (3.25oz)
-2 containers of Dulce De Leche (3.25oz)
-2 containers of Nutella (3.25oz)

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