Black Creek Reign was founded by Darren Armoogam and Lex Stultz after the implosion of a previous project. Musical differences and clashing egos didn’t make for great music, but they knew they had found something special working with one another. Picking up the pieces of the project, they created “Black Creek Reign” to keep up the unique sound of blues, reggae, rock, and funk music.

Darren Armoogam has been involved in music for over 16 years now. Graduating both the Ontario Academy of Music, and York University’s Bachelor of Fine Arts with specification in Music programs, Darren is proficient in numerous styles, instruments, and genres. He shares the duties of Guitar and Voice for the project, along with any keyboards or pianos they may need in the studio.

Lex Stultz originally graduated York for Kinesiology, but it took just one acting class for him to realize that his true calling was in the Arts. Years later, he’s a skilled actor and bassist, taking a keen interest in the rhythmic foundations of the sound. He also dabbles in sound production, and has a very sharp ear to assist the band in its mixing/mastering phases during studio sessions.

Shane Joseph has taken up the mantle of BCR drummer. Learning the “Excommunicado” EP in a matter of days, and laying it all down in studio in a matter of hours, to say he’s capable would be a gross understatement of his natural talent and impressive work ethic. Hailing from Richmond Hill, and hosting an open mic on Sunday evenings at “King Henry’s Arm” he’s been able to polish his voice, guitar, bass, and percussive abilities over the years. This makes him a phenomenal addition to the band, allowing Darren to take some much needed vocal rest in between songs!

After touring around the GTA, winning a battle of the bands in June, assisting with numerous fundraisers, and generating a buzz around the city, they dropped the “Excommunicado” EP. To say they’re excited about hitting the road again for the Spring and Summer would be an understatement, be sure to peep them on social media, any streaming platform, and come out to see them live! We care about what you think!