A.B. Dance

A.B. Dance offers programs in recreational, competitive & part time competitive classes to boys & girls 2+. All dancers perform in the annual spectacular recital at the Markham Theatre. A.B. Dance has an outstanding faculty for both recreational & competitive dancers. www.abdance.ca

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Fountain Of Youth Qi

Sharon Liu is the founder of Fountain of Youth Qi and the principal instructor of Tai Chi and Daoyin Yangshenggong the ancient Chinese Art of Healing since 2012. She has studied and trained in Tai Chi under respected masters and qualified instructors at the top Tai Chi (Taiji) Institutes, universities and professional teams in China, [...]

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Sarah Fazackerley

SARAH FAZACKERLEY is a multi-instrumentalist singer/songwriter based in Whitby, ON. After recovering from a life-threatening battle with addictions and mental illness, she erupted onto the GTA music scene 5 years ago, singing, playing, writing, and forming a band called Mayfly’s Landing. In 2017 the band named was dropped, recognizing Sarah’s leadership and creative spark. Her [...]

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Good Little Robot

Good Little Robot is a musical party machine and side project of the ever-evolving psych-rock phenomenon, Future History. With an ever-changing orbit of musicians gathered around the same core. GLR create a swirling, feel-good landscape from unexpected covers you love and sing-along moments you wont soon forget.

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CROW is an indie-folk-rock band from Uxbridge, Ontario. Their sound centers on the dual electric ukuleles of Tamara Williamson and Patty Ewaschuk, original song-writing, and experimental harmonies. Their one-of-a-kind ukulele stylings are rounded out by the low-end grooves of Chris Waller on bass and Jason Woodhams on drums. CROW has opened for Lindy, Bry Webb [...]


The Professors Of Funk

The Professors Of Funk: a powerhouse 9-piece band that plays the classic funk, R&B, soul, and Motown music of the 1960s and 70s – music meant to get people to move. This sizzling high-energy ensemble features elite professional musicians with a wide range of experience in groups large and small and backing up artists across [...]

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Before the Flood

“A fresh concoction of roots-injected rock that bristles with heartfelt energy” - Lonely Vagabond (writer for Exclaim & SoundProof) Before the Flood’s new record entitled Hole in the Sky is heavy on vocal harmonies, layered strings, deep percussion and bass. Electronic elements and synth add to the rich, and at other times ethereal soundscapes. While [...]

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The Classy Wrecks

The Classy Wrecks are a Ska Rocksteady band from Toronto, Ontario. The band was formed in 2016 and can be described as an upbeat, fun and poppy dance band. The band has spent the last year touring Ontario playing everything from small towns to large cities. The Classy Wrecks were quick to release their first [...]

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Orangabang is an alternative rock band formed in Uxbridge, Ontario in 2013. They are known for their incredibly energetic live performances and shredding guitar solos. They have performed at Canadian Music Week, Indie Week Canada and opened for Elliott Brood at Springtide 2017. The boys have released two EPs titled ‘The Best of Orangabang’ and [...]



A jam band like no other. They will make you feel like you’re being transcended from Motown, Roots rock n roll, New Orleans jazz to uncharted territories and back again within a few bars. Dylan to Dead, Abba to Zappa. It’s all about the song, but also about what happens in the song. Lots of [...]

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