Sloan is a Canadian rock band based in Toronto and originally from Halifax, Nova Scotia. In 1991 bassist and vocalist Chris Murphy and drummer Andrew Scott met while studying at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, and with the addition of Patrick Pentland on guitar and vocals and Jay Ferguson on guitar, formed Sloan. A year later the band made [...]


Great Lake Swimmers

2018 marks the 15th anniversary of Great Lake Swimmers. Over seven albums, multiple EPs, live broadcasts and reissues, the Toronto-based project led by singer-songwriter Tony Dekker has established itself as a beloved indie folk act in Canada and beyond. The CBC has called them “a national treasure” with a sound that is at once familiar [...]

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Command Sisters

If they stepped out of a frame from a Quentin Tarantino flick, no one would question it...and yes, “Command" is their real name. Highlighting high fashion heat and even hotter hooks, Command Sisters exert this effect on tape, on stage, and everywhere else for that matter. The sisterly duo—Charlotte and Sarah Command—turn life’s ups and [...]

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Haois International Arts

Haois International Arts - Musical theatre School is committed to bringing quality performing arts experience to a diverse audience through Arts Education, Theatre Show Production and Community Events. We see art learning and practice not only to master the technical skills but also to communicate with others, build meaningful connections, and share one's story with [...]

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The Sonical Bees

The Sonical Bees is a family band from Aurora, Ontario, whose message to the world is that Music is the language of the world. Sofia - violin, guitar and voice; Albert - accordion; Veronica - percussion; they have been playing together for a few years and their specialty is world music  

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Zac Honey

Zac Honey is composed of Jesse Dynes, Jay and Nick Potash, and Donny DaSilva. They bring a collection of tunes blending the roots-rock, blues and reggae genres. The vision is upbeat, toe tapping music that translates to the live music scene. The group released its debut, self titled EP last year, and will be hitting [...]

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Kiana is a 20 year old singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist. With a contemporary R&B/pop style, she combines a jazz feel on the guitar with soft, sweet- sounding vocals. Kiana writes, arranges, and produces all of her music. She arranged and plays every instrument on her new release, "Cherry", “Just Friends”, "Not For the Radio", and many of [...]

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