Man Made Forest

Haunting, acoustic-electro lullabies, chilling 3-part harmonies, dramatic choruses, songs about the end of the world – Man Made forest is organic indie-folk layered with haunting voices, dual percussion, toy organs, animal sounds and silence. From acoustic to full-band performances, their music transcends all labels and stereotypes. Their songs, brilliantly arranged, with poised and honest lyrics, [...]

Man Made Forest2023-06-13T11:42:01-04:00

Melissa Lauren

Melissa Lauren wants to be heard. And not just because of My Voice, her dazzling new jazz-pop crossover gem. The singer-songwriter’s third album is her most accomplished to date and yes, you bet she wants it heard. But her mission is larger than that. As Lauren explains, if there’s an overarching theme to the new [...]

Melissa Lauren2023-06-13T11:01:13-04:00

Chief & Chieftess

Chief & Chieftess. Elevated to a higher vibration both musically and spiritually -fusing Blues, Reggae and Soul into their sound. After more than a decade the dynamic pair has grown more powerful and the chemistry still flows naturally. “Our sound is more confident now and we have more faith to explore new territories creatively" "All [...]

Chief & Chieftess2023-06-13T11:15:57-04:00

Slipstream of Your Mind

Slipstream of Your Mind (SYM) is an Indie Folk Rock band from Markham Ontario. The band members include Jerimie Graham on drums and percussion, David Weisman on bass and harmonies and Joe Balazic on guitar, harmonica and vocals. SYM’s musical stylings are reminiscent of early Rock ‘n’ Roll, American Folk and Country Music from the [...]

Slipstream of Your Mind2023-06-13T10:29:12-04:00

Sleeping Bees

Sleeping Bees is a Ontario-based contemporary folk band founded by Kathryn Merriam, Madison Arsenault, and Reid Zoé. Singing original music inspired by nature and the human experience, their poignant lyrics and ethereal harmonies have been mesmerizing audiences since their band debut in July 2019. They have been recording and releasing music since then, and playing [...]

Sleeping Bees2023-06-13T10:24:56-04:00

Star Beast

"Star Beast" is the brain child of Toronto musician / producer Ruben Huizenga. Inspired by his son, he spent his COVID isolation writing songs in the style of fuzzed out "Grungy / Psyche / Stoner / Doom" metal, and set out to record them with long-time friend and collaborator Kenneth Griffin. The result is the [...]

Star Beast2023-06-13T10:15:01-04:00

Vanessa Wang

Vanessa Wang is a teenage Canadian singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer from Richmond Hill. Her music is thought-provoking and melodious, reflecting her passion for social justice and creative abilities for composition. She performs in all of York Region’s cities and is an integral and active member. She was invited by the City of Richmond Hill to [...]

Vanessa Wang2023-06-13T10:03:44-04:00


Seu is a mexican singer-songwriter who currently lives in the city of Toronto Canada. He is Known for being the founder of project like Pachedub Collective, La Vibra Roots and many more, where the main genres he plays go by Reggae, Funk, Rock, Reggae Dub and Boleros. In 2019, he received an economic support by [...]



Rikashay is a constantly evolving indie rock outfit from Markham, Ontario. A fusion of relentless experimentation and old-time pop motives has long shaped Rikashay’s sound and can be heard throughout their extensive discography since their inception in 2015. The band has taken their jovial and striking sound to countless audiences at prestigious Toronto venues like [...]



Revcall is a LOUD and LIVE, All Original, Rock and Roll Train! This “Loco”motive creates a connection with audiences through catchy hooks, contagious lyrics and highly energized stage presence. The sound has been described as “Hard Rock with a southern edge”, to the band it’s simply Good old Rock n Roll! Keep an eye and [...]

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