Corsh Music was founded in 2020 by a young musician couple Corey Chen and Shilu Wang.

Corsh Music is dedicated to excellence in music performance, production and education.

Corey Chen is an accomplished Jazz and R&B keyboardist and the founder of Corsh Music. Corey has been a featured performer at many music festivals. He also works as music director and keyboardist at many venues as well as TV and radio stations. Corey teaches piano and keyboard under Corsh Music.

Shilu Wang is an award-wining Jazz/Funk/R&B singer-songwriter and a vocal coach under Corsh Music. In 2021, she has won 6 global and national awards in singing and songwriting. Shilu performs at various music festivals, commercial events, and venues such as Tribute Concert Jazz Fest, A1 Radio Concerts, Hutaoli, etc. Shilu is also the co-founder of Corsh Music.