In era of global discourse, Courtney Bowles smiles at adversity. Born in Scarborough, Ontario this towering, vivacious amazon bares her soul for an audience starved for the more beautiful aspects of life. A multi-instrumentalist who rejected conventional music theory in favour of organic expression, Courtney is adamant about sharing her memories, as well as contributing to ours, sometimes from the ground up. Her energetic aura is surpassed only by her unbridled passion that pleases thousands of viewers of her legendary live feeds at any given moments. Performing various genres of music, she focuses on Classic Rock, Popular and Country covers seamlessly slipping her originals into her sets. Her instruments are Vocals, Piano, Guitar and Mandolin. She mainly writes Country, Folk, Blues and Pop music, but has a keen interest in and enjoys most genres. When Courtney is not on the road performing in southern Ontario, she teaches private students as well as recently at the School of Rock located in Markham Ontario, instructing on vocal performance for students of all ages.

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