Edwin Johnson got his first guitar in Grade 4 or 5. He had just changed schools and met John Shisko who just got a set of drums. They started hanging out and got the grand idea to start a band, so they did! With the help of Johnson’s little brother on bass, “Cast Iron” was formed.

Throughout high school and beyond Johnson played in a handful of bands, gigging here and there. One night he received a phone call from a bass player to join one of the local bands playing the circuit. He decided to quit college and join the band. Soon he was gigging area bars and high schools.

He became close with Duke, the bass player, (who also had a kickin’ Chevy Nova) but lost contact for decades when the band packed it in.

Fast-forward 30 years or so… Edwin Johnson reunited with Duke and John reunited to form Edwin Johnson & the Roux, bringing you explosive, blues-inspired