Grass Grows Back is a three-piece soul-rock band active in Toronto, Ontario. Originating from the Holland Marsh, the Grass has grown past their rural town boundaries and is now spreading their sound throughout the city. Jefferson, George, and Jones have been playing together for over 3 years and each member brings their own dynamics and versatility to the group.

The Grass possesses an all-encompassing live performance that leave audiences captivated by their electrifying & explosive music. The deep bass rhythms of George’s playing rumble throughout any building while taking hold of all those listening; Jones’ drums and percussion work like dynamite and burst out into the crowd with a lasting ricochet; soft, vulnerable nuances can be heard in Jefferson’s strong vocals and lyricism that compliments and balances the band’s power & groove. Their extensive songbook of dynamic originals and reinterpreted covers pleases every listener’s ear. Their music can take you on an auditory journey through eras, influences & cultures. The trio has developed strong blues roots that are deeply grounded in the 60/70’s rock era. Raw, unapologetic, authentic, unfiltered; the Grass Grows Back has been compared to such Artists as ‘The Doors’, ‘Talking Heads’ & ‘Elvis.’

Always recording new releases and exploring unique ways to perform, you’ll be sure to see and hear the Grass as they travel throughout Ontario sharing their seed this summer. After releasing a full-length demo-compilation in spring 2017, the Grass Grows Back is due to release a couple of singles in March & April leading up to the wide-release of their 5 song EP.

Join the green movement, because the Grass is growing.

For the City or the Town,
They All Need a Sound
We Play it Soft, We Play it Loud
We Play for the People, for the Crowd

The Grass Grows Back