Heather Wardell

Markham author Heather Wardell’s twenty-first novel features three women, one menopause support group, and a whole lot of hot flashes.

Emily’s perfect plan for becoming a mommy in her twenties has just been shattered by a cancer-removing hysterectomy, and her anger is all-consuming.

Michelle’s been laser-focused on getting a promotion… until early menopause (at thirty-nine??) hit her hard last year. Now that she can’t have a baby, she’s obsessed with them. And also with getting that promotion.

Sixty-four-years-young Brenda takes care of everyone, whether they want her to or not. She’s actually finished with menopause, but she’s faking symptoms so she won’t lose the group and the opportunities for “helping” others it provides.

The three of them and their fellow group members work through career crises, marriage disasters, and the world’s worst birthday celebration as they learn together what it means to be a woman in menopause and beyond.

Available June 30th! Pre-order your ebook copy for only 99 cents by visiting
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The Menopause Support Group - Heather Wardell