Since releasing her debut EP: Upon Our Wonders (2011), followed by her debut LP: From Darkness to Light (2013), Jenn Fiorentino has spent the last six years growing in to the woman that her music defines her to be: A beautiful, mature, intelligent and strong woman who’s excited to have officially released her brand-new pop/rock LP called SURVIVE in the spring of 2019. Go grab her album SURVIVE from wherever you get your music from!

Garnering over 42 thousand YouTube subscribers and amassing over 8 million channel views won’t hold Jenn back from sharing her love with her devoted fans, family and friends from her hometown of Markham. Jenn feels extremely honored to perform at the 2019 Markham Village Music Festival and would like to graciously thank the city of Markham and Epidemic Music Group for continuously providing great stages for local musicians to perform on!

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