Kaleidoscope Horse is a psychedelic art-rock collective from Toronto, ON, spear-headed by queer femme producer-musicians Sam Maloney and Desiree Das Gupta. Theatrical and dreamy, they are driven both by strong song-writing and abstract sound-play.

Their emotional debut album release “SLOW, SLOW” (2018) is lead by both singers with powerful back up harmonies, haunting and gritty electric guitars, synth, wandering bass and intuitive percussion creating dimensions that are often jarring, but will soothe eventually. The future of their body of work includes the marriage between classic psych and experimental digital exploration. Their ever-changing world “Kali-land” surrounds their live performances with projection art and props that depict their vision.

In a world of guilt, self-doubt, and everything human – Kaleidoscope Horse invites you to dance with the supernatural within.