LST IN HLYWD is a modern rock/pop punk band born out of the Covid Pandemic. Toronto-area supercharged indie group of 18-20 that are laying down tracks that could easily slide into soundtracks for the summer of 2022.

During Covid, Damian Rose decided to get creative, and LST IN HLYWD was born. This group utilized their Gen Z know-how, found ways to communicate, practice, and gain fans even before they’d ever stepped into the same room together.

Since forming, they have grown to over 33.6K followers online and are currently recording their debut EP which is being produced by members of the Florida based rock band “The Haunt”.

Alongside Rose (vox/rhythm guitar), Catherine Carter (rhythm guitar/keys), Chris King (percussion),  and Lana Haas (bass), the group has nowhere to go but up into a stratosphere built on the shoulders of their idols: Fall Out Boy, All Time Low, Chase Atlantic, Palaye Royale, Van Halen, among others.