M.T. Walker is a highly acclaimed Canadian recording artist based in Aurora, Ontario. Formerly the front man for Toronto-based “Turn Off The Stars” (EMI), Walker is now taking the stage once again, this time to debut his solo work, which is rapidly gaining recognition among fans His sound has been described as a cross between Wilco and Ryan Adams, and echoes such Canadian greats as Neil Young, Gordon Lightfoot, and Blue Rodeo.

M.T. Walker’s works have been featured on major network shows across America (“Cold Case Files”, “Beauty and the Geek”), and have been played on national radio in Canada with the TOTS hit “Please”. When you consider M.T. has toured supporting the likes of Matthew Good, Sam Roberts, The Tea Party, Colin James, Kim Mitchell, and Switchfoot, you start to get a sense of the kind of talent M.T. Walker displays.

His debut eponymous solo album, produced at Kensington Sound in Toronto by music-designer Ben Pelchat, is available now on vinyl and all digital platforms worldwide! M.T. Walker’s musical ascent is just getting started – keep your eyes peeled in his direction.