Haunting, acoustic-electro lullabies, chilling 3-part harmonies, dramatic choruses, songs about the end of the world – Man Made forest is organic indie-folk layered with haunting voices, dual percussion, toy organs, animal sounds and silence.

From acoustic to full-band performances, their music transcends all labels and stereotypes. Their songs, brilliantly arranged, with poised and honest lyrics, take you on a journey beyond emotions and somewhere far deep into your soul.  Man Made Forest is a historical document; a time and place captured and displayed; every moment raw and true.

Man Made Forest formed in Markham, Ontario, Canada in 2012.  The band consists of Kevin Ker (vocals, guitar), Justin Dillon (drums, percussion, drum synth), Sarah Fazackerley (vocals, keyboards, synth, saxophone, flute), Todd Larter (bass, vocals) and Pete Reid (percussion).

Man Made Forest are known for their enthralling live performances as well as their use of a wide variety of traditional and unique musical techniques. Their utilization of high-impact sound followed by vocals awash in total silence results in an immersive sensory experience in which audience members not only hear the music but feel it as well.

Man Made Forest formed as a then side-project of Future History founders Kevin Ker and Justin Dillon. After spending 10 months writing in isolation, in a cabin in the woods, frontman Kevin Ker emerged with the seeds that would grow into Man Made Forest. From there, Ker brought what he had been working on to Dillon and the duo began composing.  Sarah Fazackerley showed up unannounced at a recording session at Chalet Studios for an artist Ker was producing. She came with an arsenal of instruments and Ker and Dillon quickly recognized her immense talent and the impeccable timing of her serendipitous arrival. Todd Larter, a respected name in the York Region music scene attended an Epidemic Music Group Open Mic that Ker was hosting at the time and it didn’t take long for Ker and Larter to realize they had an effortless musical connection.  Pete Reid was recruited by Dillon to help realize the immense percussion elements he heard in his head and thus Man Made Forest was formed.

Man Made Forest played their first official live show in June of 2015 at the Markham Village Music Festival and have gone on to headline numerous music festivals, including the PAN AM Global Fest, Markham Village Music Festival and Harvest Fest.  They embarked on a tour of Eastern Canada in August of 2016.

“Led by Ker’s ever-present acoustic guitar, the music ebbs and flows in a very organic way, and the noises are to the music as a weed is to an herb – just another name for something that adds flavour to the soup. Despite the darker side of some of Ker’s lyrics, which I appreciate, Man Made Forest leaves you with a warm and cozy fuzziness in your bones.” – Spill Magazine

Booking: epidemicmusicgroup@gmail.com
Website: www.ManMadeForest.com