Markham School of Dance “Celebrating 21 Years of Dance” was established in October 2001, offering dance classes including Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop, Modern/Contemporary/Lyrical, Acrobatics and Musical Theatre.

The studio has trained over 10,000 students including many students for obtaining their teachers certifications with various dance associations. They offer 5 main programs: Dance Stars for ages 2-6, Dance Performance program for Grades 1-12, Dance Company – Performance Team, Performing Arts program for Musical Theatre, acting and vocal. Plus students have performed internationally in Disneyland California, New York City at both Times Square and the St. James Theatre and Disney World Florida. The International Performance Program gives students the opportunity to perform at these amazing international events.

MSD dance studio values: family, community, and inclusion. They want to be sure that students develop their dance skills and have lots of fun doing it. Our goal is that all students will leave their classes with a smile!

During these past few years MSD has teamed up with Prima Academy in Unionville to offer Dance, Music and Art in the same facility and in May, opened their new second facility in Box Grove at 290 Copper Creek Dr.

So if you have a child that loves to dance, visit us at Where “Every ‘Body’ Can Dance” to find out if our programs are the right fit for you and your child.