(Markville Secondary School and its Exploring Opportunities Program – York Region District School Board)

EOP Students Continue to Deliver during Covid-19

Flash Print @ MSS is an Exploring Opportunities Program offered through the Alternative Education department at MSS since 2014 – 2015.  This is a program that offers students an opportunity to run a venture within the school’s setting.  Students learn about entrepreneurship by offering their design and layout skills as services to clients who often print, laminate and trim their order with us, too.  Production at our venture is further enhanced with advice from our mentors, Mr. Ed Law from Business and Office Centro and Mr. Don Fox from YRDSB Printing Services, who provide Flash Print access to their facilities and professional advice.

Laminating for Client

Trimming Custom Poster

Creating Certificates


Photo 1 Students in semester 1 created multiple promotional posters for the festival based on parameters given by the chair of the festival, Mr. Frankfort.

Students have been working with Mr. Michael Frankfort, the chair of the Markham Village Music Festival, since semester 1 (November – December) to design a Save-the-Date poster to help market the festival.  (Photo 1)

Photo 2 Promotional posters from semester 1 were transformed into postcards and bookmarks at the start of semester2.

The work continued with students in semester 2 who were introduced to the on-going project in February.  The new crews in Periods 3 and 5 took the finalized designs and reformatted the posters to create flyers, bookmarks and postcards for print by the festival (Photo 2).  The crew was looking forward to receiving a copy of the print materials from the MVMF committee when they were due to return from the Break.  In addition to this work, the initial work submitted by Juan and Angus from semester 1 in combination with the finishing touches and final layouts submitted by two students, Jacob and Bob, from semester 2 were selected to be the official marketing designs for the festival.

Due to Covid-19’s impact on festivals to discourage large gatherings, the MVMF committee pivoted to a virtual, online event.  This change in direction required immediate changes to be made on the flyer, bookmark and postcard.  Jacob and Bob continued their work in April, voluntarily, and made the required changes to the items that they had previously submitted to Mr. Frankfort to update them for the virtual festival.

Photo 3 Access the website to see FP@MSS’ work and learn more about the virtual festival on June 19 and 20.

Please visit http://www.markhamfestival.com/ for more information about the festival on June 19 and June 20.  And of course – check out Flash Print’s contributions, too, at http://www.markhamfestival.com/markville-ss/.

Thank you, Mr. Frankfort, for providing Flash Print with this genuine, real life project that helps bring our community together – and for giving Flash Print students opportunities to use and sharpen their skills, too.  And of course, FP@MSS students – thank you for all of your contributions, creative ideas and determination to problem solve our way to providing the best goods and services to our clients.


Student provided many sample designs for the “Markham Village Music Festival” including Posters, Bookmarks and Save the Date Postcards.






“Save The Date” Postcards