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SideRoad GuideBooks …. published by RawMille Publications

Sideroad GuideBooks are published by Peter DeMille and David Rawcliffe who are two ‘backroad enthusiasts’. They have written a series of seven GuideBooks around South-Central Ontario encouraging people to take the road less travelled. It is a hobby business … 2 cars, 2 iMacs and two supportive wives.

What is in a SideRoad GuideBook? Each GuideBook provides a touring route on the backroads of Ontario complete with detailed driving instructions. Peter and David have driven each route at least twice. There are also: local stories, tourist information, photographs and websites which provide further information.

We believe that Toronto is the only city with such detailed tourist books. The driving instructions allow somebody visiting the GTHA to get out into the countryside and explore new roads with confidence.

We have sold many thousands of our GuideBooks and are steadily getting second and third editions out in full colour.

Website: www.sideroadguidebooks.com