At the end of 2017, Norm (Vocals, guitar) had enough of being a lone wolf and decided to seek out a pack. After straying from his rock roots and kicking it country for a few years he was looking for some edge.

The planets aligned with a chance run in with a blast from the past. Perin (lead guitar) a heavy metal monster on the strings was down to jam. After the first show our drummer unfortunately had to leave the group. Leading to a phone call to a hard rock time keeper, Jay (drums). Jay kicked Norm out of a band years earlier and felt he owed him a favour, since then he thanks his lucky stars nightly he did.

This hard hitting, high energy rock band with a southern flare has been having no issue creating new tunes and rocking faces and places! With some help from an awesome guy, Ty (bass). The sky is the limit for this Rock N Roll Train!