Seu is a mexican singer-songwriter who currently lives in the city of Toronto Canada. He is Known for being the founder of project like Pachedub Collective, La Vibra Roots and many more, where the main genres he plays go by Reggae, Funk, Rock, Reggae Dub and Boleros.

In 2019, he received an economic support by the local culture secretary and he decided to invest in producing his very first album as a solo artist. Taking his influences mainly, he decided to launch it by the name “Roots”. This EP is caracterized by exploring new and innovative ways to perform Ballads. It contains 3 songs which combine electronic sounds with musical harmonies and his acoustic guitar. You can also find a collab with Mane Pacheco, a local and very well known musician.

Production and mixing was made by Adriano Morales and the portrait was made by Base Lunar. “Roots” is available in Seu’s Bandcamp profile and on all music platforms. In recent years, it has been present at important festivals in Mexico and Canada, such as the Festival Alternativo (MX), National Cheese and Wine Fair (MX), Winter Song Music Fest (CA), and Bloom Fest (CA), to name a few.

Currently, he will release a new single focused on one of the most important genres of Brazilian music, bossa nova.