Pan Fantasy Steelband operates under the guidance of the North York Inter-Community Youth Group (NYICYG).

We were formed more that 36 years ago by a group of community minded volunteers.

Our Connection to the Jane-Finch Community: In 1986 a group of young people wanted to provide an opportunity for youth in the Jane-Finch community, in the former city of North York (Toronto).  Pan Fantasy Steelband, created and operated by the North York Inter-Community Youth Group, wanted to make a change in the Jane-Finch community. The goal was, and continues to be, to engage youth and for the youth to learn leadership skills through the performing arts.

Our programs guide and mentor youth as they develop their leadership skills through involvement in the performing arts.
Our performers are volunteers. Since we want to attract as many youth a possible, there are no membership dues.

Over the years the band has grown from an intimate group of players to an impressive collective of vibrant musicians. Our focus continues to be the youth in our community.

Hundreds of young people have had the opportunity to be involved in our program. Our goal is to continue to support our youth and our community, and preserve the culture. As mentors, our mature members play an important role in this process.